LHS011 – PROBLEMS – No Solutions 12″

PROBLEMS – No Solutions LP
Furious hardcore in the veins of NEGATIVE APPROACH and VOID. The long-awaited full length from this infamous Norwegian band suddenly emerges to follow up their two tape releases from a few years back when the four-piece was the center of the Oslo hardcore scene. With lyrics about contempt and disgust for life’s surroundings, this LP is sure to attract the attention of fans of OUT COLD, TEAR IT UP, DEAD STOP and GOVERNMENT WARNING. Featuring current members of URBANOIA and BLOOD SUCKERS (Lilla Himmel #11)

https://lillahimmel.bandcamp.com/album/ … -solutions

Distributed worldwide by Bis Auf’s Messer / Adagio830


LHS010 – Modern Love – Small Stone EP 7″

Debut 7″ from Oslos finest, Modern Love. 4 catchy and dancy post-punk songs with a 80s influence. 300 copies, all on black vinyl, with 4 page lyric sheet.

Get your copies here:
Tiger Record Store and Mailorder, Oslo, Norway

LHS008 – Wits End / Human Hands – split 7″

“Emo as the 90s defined it is still a thing being done in the year 2013. Who’d have thought? Granted nowadays there seems to be an appetite to resurrect all things related to that (relatively) carefree era, it’s still somewhat astounding how stubborn the damned genre is regardless of how unfashionable it becomes (and boy is this sort of stuff unfashionable, as I’m sure every label involved in this release will attest to), there are still people who insist on putting out records like this one. And though the number of releases has slowed to a trickle, there’s been a trade-off in quality over quantity. Which leads us to this split.

Wits End hail from Norway and they play something that sits between Ampere and Mainspring. It’s not comparable to modernmo like Reds which tried to drag emo kicking and screaming into the 21st century; it definitely still keeps one foot firmly in the 90s emo camp, but it’s all the better for it. The track here, Seeing Through, I guess could be classified as a slow builder in that it starts off controlled and finishes loud and frantic, but it goes all over the place in between. There’s a bit in the bridge where the guitars cut out and you just have the vocals over the rhythm, which is officially the coolest thing an emo band can do. Good track.

Human Hands meanwhile just kill it. I’ve been really looking forward to hearing their song here Matchsticks – on wax for a while as it consistently inspires the most severe of emo leans live. I’ve seen audiences defy Newton to this song, rocking gently until they’re at 45 angles to the floor. When that first shimmery guitar strum kicks in, people go to jelly. If a band doing all the good bits of I Hate Myself and Indian Summer appeals to you then you should really be listening to this band already.”
Collective Zine (http://www.collective-zine.co.uk/reviews/?id=8906)

1st press – released 20th of March 2013
Co-release with Adagio 830, strictly no capital letters, eat a book and time as a color.

LHS007 – Wits End / Trembling Hands – split 7″

“This is another split from Norway featuring Wits End who are back with two new tunes named after seasons. The first one is called “Summer” – it is mid-paced and finds them in unusually calmer mood. It is an absolute gem of a song and exactly the type of emo that gets me excited, recalling Mainspring and that first Baby Harp Seal 7inch in the pretty, melodic guitars, and vocals veering between spoken and yelled without completely flying out of control. The ending descends into more desperate sobs and the riff absolutely kills me. This song is a little less dark than those on last year’s split with Tjuvjakt and although it is reminiscing about days gone by, I can almost sense a little hope in its nature. However, “Winter” is a slower track and the more hoarse vocals lead this one. It is lyrically bleak and crushingly sad – lyrically it could be a long lost relative of Bob Tilton’s “Lilac”. This one drifts along until everything comes to a head and ends with “To shower me with pain/To end it all”. I’m ready for a full length from Wits End. If these two songs are anything to go by I really cannot wait to hear it.

Trembling Hands are Gothenburgers or whatever the correct word is and feature folk from Suis La Lune and Tjuvjakt. They are well-matched to Wits End – a little slower but still desperate and very intense. It goes a bit post rock towards the end and is followed by everything falling apart and end of the world crying – excellent. I’ve only heard a couple of their other songs previously and I really need to rectify that.

Full marks again for the cover art and packaging with the cardboard butterfly design – spectacular and infinitely emo. Killer 7inch in every way. It is not quite mid-February yet – if that first Wits End song is not in my top 5 songs at the end of this year I will be shocked. The second one won’t be too far behind either. ”

Collective Zine (http://www.collective-zine.co.uk/reviews/?id=8896)

1st press – released 20th of February 2013
20 copies with die-cut screened covers with red ink
30 copies with die-cut screened covers with black ink
204 copies with regular screened covers
Co-release with Ödebygd Records, Protagonist.


LHS005 – Wits End / Tjuvjakt – split 7″

“Just as I was thinking there hadn’t been much in the way of this 90s-esque emo in 2012 I hear the Manku Kapak album and now this split from Scandinavia. Norway’s Wits End are well-known to me from their previous output and there are two new tracks here, both packing considerable punch. As I am listening to “The Last”, Yaphet Kotto spring to mind – the vocals are harsh and desperate and the mood is intense and frantic. “Hope Springs Denial” starts slowly before the vocals come in and launch things the way of desperation. The lyrics for both tracks are fiercely political and personal and the dual vocals battle it out with one another. Two excellent tracks here from a band on top form.

Tjuvjakt are new to me and come from Gothenburg. They contribute one lumbering beast of a song here. It opens with a low rumble and a menacing voice-over. My language skills don’t extend to Swedish unfortunately but the end of the voiceover is marked by a blood-curdling scream before the band and vocals come in. The title of the track translates to “The Scream You Hear Is Your Own” – that is, if Google Translate is proving reliable on this occasion. There is more of a metal influence here. It’s heavier with a darker, heftier crunch on the guitars and angrier, harsher vocals. It’s a little too heavy for my own personal tastes but there will be quite a few people who read this website who will be into this. There is some crossover of members with Trembling Hands so well worth looking up if you’re into them. Not for the faint-hearted!

Also, the artwork is terrific and befitting of the music – particularly that with the lyrics for both bands – bleak as anything. ”
Collective Zine (http://www.collective-zine.co.uk/reviews/?id=8737)

1st press – released 4th of December 2012
200 copies all on black vinyl with screenprinted covers. Co-release with Ödebygd Records, Siste Sukk Tapes and Records and Adagio830.
Each label has a variant of the artwork/insert.


LHS006 – Trembling Hands – Nights/Days 7″

“This record has made it all the way to Brisbane from Sweden, and a great looking record it is too. When I recently raved about Trembling Hands’ recent LP I mentioned how I had also neglected them somewhat having been impressed by them when I first heard them last year on their split with Wits End. The two tracks on here are the ones I was yet to hear so it’s ideal that this suddenly appeared in the review pile. This was released prior to the album but it fits in nicely with that record as this is an utterly bleak pairing of songs again. “Nights Without Sleep” is full of the crashes, crunching riffs and desperate vocals that I now come to expect from Trembling Hands. Then they up the stakes again with “Days Without Dreams” which hits the spot with its utter desperation and post hardcore crash. I bet this band is cracking live. If you liked that recent LP, you’ll be wanting to get on to this too.”
Collective Zine (http://www.collective-zine.co.uk/reviews/?id=9561)

1st press – released 4th of June 2012
200 copies all on black vinyl. Screenprinted paper envelope. 146 with brown paper envelope and 25 with turquoise envelopes. 16 copies comes in a special die-cut edition.

This is a co-release with Ödebygd.

LHS004 – Wits End / Perfect Future – split 7″

“Wits End have only gone and got even better. Their song on this split is almost double the length of any on their previous 7” and man do they nail it. The only small gripe I had with their 7” was that over the course of four songs it got a little samey; here their sound is refreshingly different and I am mightily impressed. The momentum is maintained throughout the entire six minute duration – the dual vocals work wonders over the simple but effective melody. The lyrics are as emo as they get. Like their British contemporaries Human Hands, Wits End draw comparison with a whole host of nineties emo bands without obviously copying any of them. All in all, you have to hear this!

I was told the other day that Perfect Future are the US version of Saturday’s Kids, insomuch as they can’t stop changing their sound every five minutes, even on the same record, and they can’t stop releasing records and touring. The idea certainly deserves some merit I think. It’s good to see such enthusiasm but the thing is, they are creating a large quantity of output and perhaps not paying enough attention to the quality control. I like them and their song here is solid enough, but I have to say there’s something missing in their quest to sound great (sorry Brendan!).

Overall, you really should purchase this for the Wits End song. Just found out that their split with Tjuvjakt is already out, where the hell can I get a copy?”
Collective Zine (http://www.collective-zine.co.uk/reviews/?id=8256)

1st press – released 9th of November 2011
350 copies all on black vinyl with screen and machine printed covers.