“This record has made it all the way to Brisbane from Sweden, and a great looking record it is too. When I recently raved about Trembling Hands’ recent LP I mentioned how I had also neglected them somewhat having been impressed by them when I first heard them last year on their split with Wits End. The two tracks on here are the ones I was yet to hear so it’s ideal that this suddenly appeared in the review pile. This was released prior to the album but it fits in nicely with that record as this is an utterly bleak pairing of songs again. “Nights Without Sleep” is full of the crashes, crunching riffs and desperate vocals that I now come to expect from Trembling Hands. Then they up the stakes again with “Days Without Dreams” which hits the spot with its utter desperation and post hardcore crash. I bet this band is cracking live. If you liked that recent LP, you’ll be wanting to get on to this too.”
Collective Zine (http://www.collective-zine.co.uk/reviews/?id=9561)

1st press – released 4th of June 2012
200 copies all on black vinyl. Screenprinted paper envelope. 146 with brown paper envelope and 25 with turquoise envelopes. 16 copies comes in a special die-cut edition.

This is a co-release with Ödebygd.