“Just as I was thinking there hadn’t been much in the way of this 90s-esque emo in 2012 I hear the Manku Kapak album and now this split from Scandinavia. Norway’s Wits End are well-known to me from their previous output and there are two new tracks here, both packing considerable punch. As I am listening to “The Last”, Yaphet Kotto spring to mind – the vocals are harsh and desperate and the mood is intense and frantic. “Hope Springs Denial” starts slowly before the vocals come in and launch things the way of desperation. The lyrics for both tracks are fiercely political and personal and the dual vocals battle it out with one another. Two excellent tracks here from a band on top form.

Tjuvjakt are new to me and come from Gothenburg. They contribute one lumbering beast of a song here. It opens with a low rumble and a menacing voice-over. My language skills don’t extend to Swedish unfortunately but the end of the voiceover is marked by a blood-curdling scream before the band and vocals come in. The title of the track translates to “The Scream You Hear Is Your Own” – that is, if Google Translate is proving reliable on this occasion. There is more of a metal influence here. It’s heavier with a darker, heftier crunch on the guitars and angrier, harsher vocals. It’s a little too heavy for my own personal tastes but there will be quite a few people who read this website who will be into this. There is some crossover of members with Trembling Hands so well worth looking up if you’re into them. Not for the faint-hearted!

Also, the artwork is terrific and befitting of the music – particularly that with the lyrics for both bands – bleak as anything. ”
Collective Zine (http://www.collective-zine.co.uk/reviews/?id=8737)

1st press – released 4th of December 2012
200 copies all on black vinyl with screenprinted covers. Co-release with Ödebygd Records, Siste Sukk Tapes and Records and Adagio830.
Each label has a variant of the artwork/insert.