“Wits End have only gone and got even better. Their song on this split is almost double the length of any on their previous 7” and man do they nail it. The only small gripe I had with their 7” was that over the course of four songs it got a little samey; here their sound is refreshingly different and I am mightily impressed. The momentum is maintained throughout the entire six minute duration – the dual vocals work wonders over the simple but effective melody. The lyrics are as emo as they get. Like their British contemporaries Human Hands, Wits End draw comparison with a whole host of nineties emo bands without obviously copying any of them. All in all, you have to hear this!

I was told the other day that Perfect Future are the US version of Saturday’s Kids, insomuch as they can’t stop changing their sound every five minutes, even on the same record, and they can’t stop releasing records and touring. The idea certainly deserves some merit I think. It’s good to see such enthusiasm but the thing is, they are creating a large quantity of output and perhaps not paying enough attention to the quality control. I like them and their song here is solid enough, but I have to say there’s something missing in their quest to sound great (sorry Brendan!).

Overall, you really should purchase this for the Wits End song. Just found out that their split with Tjuvjakt is already out, where the hell can I get a copy?”
Collective Zine (http://www.collective-zine.co.uk/reviews/?id=8256)

1st press – released 9th of November 2011
350 copies all on black vinyl with screen and machine printed covers.