Lilla Himmel releases:
LHS010 Modern Love – “Small Stone” EP 7″
LHS009 Death is not Glamorous – self titled 7″
LHS008 Wits End / Human Hands – split 7″ (info|discogs)
LHS007 Wits End / Trembling Hands – split 7″ (info|discogs)
LHS006 Trembling Hands – “Nights/Days” 7″ (info|discogs)
LHS005 Wits End / Tjuvjakt – split 7″ (info|discogs)
LHS004 Wits End / Perfect Future – split 7″ (info|discogs)
LHS003 Okkultokrati – “Ingen Veit Alt” 7″ (info|discogs)
LHS002 Okkultokrati – “No Light For Mass” LP (info|discogs)
LHS001 Okkultokrati – “Knarkskog” EP 7″ (info|discogs)

LilacSky releases:
LSR014 Dominic – self titled LP (discogs)
LSR013 Angora Static – self titled LP (discogs)
LSR012 Funeral Diner – “The Swept Under” 10″ (discogs)
LSR011 The Spectacle – “Rope or Guillotine” LP (discogs)
LSR010 Angora Static – self titled 7″ (discogs)
LSR009 Funeral Diner – “Three Sides Dead” CD (discogs)
LSR008 The Slingshot Idol / The Suburban Kid – split 7″ (discogs)
LSR007 The Birds Are Spies… – “Demo” CDr (discogs)
LSR006 City of Caterpillar – “Demo+Live” LP (discogs)
LSR005 Skarnspage – self titled CD (discogs)
LSR004 The Union Policy – “I.O.U” 7″ (discogs)
LSR003 The [Jukebox] Scenario / Neverending – “Benefit” split 7″ (discogs)
LSR002 Various – “…And They Had Tears In Their Eyes” LP (discogs)
LSR001 Jr.Ewing – “Integritas.Consonantia.Claritas” 7″ (discogs)

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